New Teacher Phase III End of Year TSIP

Phase III consists of the following:

  • Completion of the TSIP Checklist of Requirements (blue card) (including dates and initials). I have the official blue card copy in your purple folder. However, I will am attaching a sample copy that you can use as a reference to check off what you have already completed before you write on the official one.
  • 1 Copy of your Teacher Certificate that proves you have met the Educational Technology Standards (should be stated on your certificate). If met, you can skip over one part of your checklist (see video below for details).  If it is not stated on your certificate, you will need to prove that you have met certain requirements.  Some of you have already provided me with a copy. I will need a copy in my mailbox or dropped off in my office no later than April 14, 2016.
  • 1 informal tech walk-thru conducted by your ITRT observing the use of technology in the classroom. I plan to do a short informal walk-thru between Tuesday April 12, 2016 and Thursday April 14, 2016.  Please refer to the Next Steps section to choose one of the three days for me to do a walk-thru.

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