HHS Calendar Drop and HHS Tech 101 Folder

HHS,calendar and folder pic
Lab/Cart Calendars
As discussed earlier, I have waited to drop all of the calendars for HHS labs/carts due to the number of invites I will have to send. Please refer to your calendar list in the HHS Tech 101 folder if you are confused about which calendars you need to add. The handout will serve as a great reference sheet.
Before you start RESERVING any labs, please review the Signing Up Video (Calendars folder) within the HHS Tech 101 shared folder. This will ensure that you are confident with the reservation process before you begin.
Please take the time to explore the folder I shared in the previous email. It contains important HHS Tech information including, but not limited to:
  • Tech Team Role Introductions (including Lead Tech, Gradebook Guru, and Webmaster)
  • Help Desk Procedures/Changes
  • Software Procedures
  • Website Unblocking Procedures 
  • Computer Lab/Cart Procedures (management and student computer assignments)
  • Tech PD Staff Survey (for suggestions on Tech PD for the upcoming school year)

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