HHS Tech 101- Getting Started

Check-Out our 2016-2017  HHS Tech 101 Resources for all of your Beginning of the Year Technology needs:

HHS Tech 101

New Gradebook Training Materials: TAC Training Handout 24 pages , Gradebook Quick Reference ChartTAC Assignment ChangesGradebook Training Cheat Sheet

ActiveInspire: Promethean for Beginners: Session FlyerActiveInspire Promethean for Beginners Activity Record Form PDF,  ActiveInspire: Promethean for Beginners Teacher Reflection FormLeveled Needs Assessment- Skills Checklist 2015

Snap and Read– Read Aloud Software for students with accommodations. Access the Videos by clicking on the link. Also included are reference handouts such as the Snap and Read Reference chart.

ESchool Plus Student Records: SPED Teachers Video Tutorial