Online To-Go Sessions

Save time and energy by working at your own pace and taking our Online To-Go Tech Tutorials!

All of the following to-go sessions can be accessed by clicking on the link below:

Edmodo (HHS Tech To-Go Sessions)

Note: You will need to sign-up for Edmodo. The next step is to join each group by entering the group code for the session. Please email me if you have any issues accessing the tutorials.

1. Edmodo for Beginners Group Code: ccf6jr  

Edmodo for Beginners Activity Record

2. Socrative for Beginners Group Code:  ci683a

3. Flipped Learning for Beginners & Intermediate Group Code: p9wth4 

Flipped Learning for Beginners Activity Record

Flipped Learning for Beginners Intermediate Screencastomatic Activity Record

4. HHS 1:1 Tablet Initiative 101: Getting Started Online Module

Group Code: 5w5ypv

HHS Tablet Initiative 101 Getting Started Activity Record

5. Remind: Parent and Student Communication Tool

Group Code: 6ihpsv

Remind Online Session Activity Record Form

6. Join.Me: Free Screen Sharing App for Struggling Students

Join.Me Online Tutorial

Join.Me Getting Started Packet

7. Snap and Read- Audio Read Aloud Text Capture Tool for Struggling Readers

Snap and Read Online Tutorial

8. Paperless Formative Assessment Tools:

Getting Started with Google Forms

Socrative Teacher Instructions




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