Tech Training Forms


Hopewell City Public Schools  Department of Innovation

Director- Burlin Gregory


Instructional Technology Resource Teachers:

Hopewell High School-Sommer Jones

Carter G. Middle- Janice Skipwith

Harry E. James, Woodlawn, Dupoint, Patrick Copeland Elementary Schools-  

Carolyn Kaufman and Susannah Bishop


HCPS District-Wide Tech Training:

Personal Teacher Technology Training Record– This is to be used as a personal record sheet when you attend training that is for your personal use. For example, you may want to attend a tech conference, online webinar, or local workshop.  In order to receive tech credit hours,  your building level ITRT must sign-off on your Technology Training.

TECHONOLOGY PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SIGN IN SHEETS For Presenters or Whole Group Leaders– This is for ITRT’s, Lead Tech Teachers, Department Leaders/Chairs,  Admins, or TechUnleashed presenters who plan to coordinate or present a whole group training. Please complete this document and have your building level ITRT sign-off and send to Aimee Olwin.

New Teachers Technology Phase I, II, III 2015-2016

Teachers who attended the 2015-2016 Phase I and II Technology Training must complete Phase III throughout the school year. Your Building level ITRT will work with you throughout the process. Please print a copy of the Phase III Checklist so that you can keep a record of the technology you use with students in your classroom this year. Your ITRT will conduct informal tech observations as well as meet with you closer to the end of year to complete and sign-off on the Phase III checklist.

TSIP Completion Checklist Phase I II III

TSIP Checklist Review Video


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