HHS Calendar Drop and HHS Tech 101 Folder

HHS,calendar and folder pic
Lab/Cart Calendars
As discussed earlier, I have waited to drop all of the calendars for HHS labs/carts due to the number of invites I will have to send. Please refer to your calendar list in the HHS Tech 101 folder if you are confused about which calendars you need to add. The handout will serve as a great reference sheet.
Before you start RESERVING any labs, please review the Signing Up Video (Calendars folder) within the HHS Tech 101 shared folder. This will ensure that you are confident with the reservation process before you begin.
Please take the time to explore the folder I shared in the previous email. It contains important HHS Tech information including, but not limited to:
  • Tech Team Role Introductions (including Lead Tech, Gradebook Guru, and Webmaster)
  • Help Desk Procedures/Changes
  • Software Procedures
  • Website Unblocking Procedures 
  • Computer Lab/Cart Procedures (management and student computer assignments)
  • Tech PD Staff Survey (for suggestions on Tech PD for the upcoming school year)
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Google Sessions Aug. 29

Hello HHS,
googleappsforedWe can’t wait to see you at ONE of the Google Session offerings on Monday August 29, 2016. Please click the slide link to view what skills will be covered in each of the three sessions. Choose the session that you feel will meet you where you are!
We are also pleased to offer time for Google PLAY during the last 30 minutes of each session. It will be optional for staff who wish to stay. You will be able to create, organize, and directly apply what you learn during your session.
Tech credit will be provided for each session and attendance will be documented for your records.

Google Session Offerings Aug. 29

Aug. 29th Google Session Sign-Ups


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Welcome Back, Tech Ticket Room Visits, and Gmail Updates

Welchelp ticketome Back HHS,

We hope that you have had a relaxing summer.  We have, once again, scheduled times to come into your classroom and meet your beginning of the year technical support needs. We appreciate your patience during this process, and ask that you complete your hard copy yellow ticket to communicate your needs prior to our upcoming visit. This is just a temporary process. We will transition back to using the Help Desk after we make our initial rounds.

You will find a classroom visit schedule, a letter with more detailed directions about the process, and the yellow ticket in your mailbox when you return on Monday. Please read over this information carefully.

Important Note: We will do our very best to stay on schedule, but there may be special circumstances that require time flexibility. We will keep you informed of any changes in advance.


Signing In  (Entire Hopewell Email + Password)

GMAIL Access on Your Phone


A more in depth session on GMAIL and CALENDAR features personalized for HHS will take place on August 29th.


Detailed documents concerning HHS Tech processes and resources for the 2016-2017 school year will be distributed to all staff during our HHS Round Robin.
As always, we both look forward to working with you to make this an INCREDIBLE school year!

Thank You,

Vince and Sommer

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Gmail Shortcut on Desktop

gmail icon
Please follow the link to see how to place an official Gmail Icon on your desktop.
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2016 SOL Review Tools

Please click on the link below to access our HHS SOL Review Tools Padlet. Feel free to check out the resources provided as well as add your own tools, tips, and techniques that you use for your students.

Many of you have amazing ideas that the rest of the staff would love to know about. You can attach videos, website links, text, and pictures to share with the entire staff on our padlet board.

Padlet Review Tools

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New Teacher Phase III End of Year TSIP

Phase III consists of the following:

  • Completion of the TSIP Checklist of Requirements (blue card) (including dates and initials). I have the official blue card copy in your purple folder. However, I will am attaching a sample copy that you can use as a reference to check off what you have already completed before you write on the official one.
  • 1 Copy of your Teacher Certificate that proves you have met the Educational Technology Standards (should be stated on your certificate). If met, you can skip over one part of your checklist (see video below for details).  If it is not stated on your certificate, you will need to prove that you have met certain requirements.  Some of you have already provided me with a copy. I will need a copy in my mailbox or dropped off in my office no later than April 14, 2016.
  • 1 informal tech walk-thru conducted by your ITRT observing the use of technology in the classroom. I plan to do a short informal walk-thru between Tuesday April 12, 2016 and Thursday April 14, 2016.  Please refer to the Next Steps section to choose one of the three days for me to do a walk-thru.
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Google Training Part II Make-Up Session


If you missed our Google Training Part II Session on February 11, 2016, please go through this online make-up tutorial at your own pace by clicking on the link below.  Attached, you will also find the Google Training Individual Tech Record Sheet  that you will need to sign and return to me upon completion of the tutorial.

You will receive 1 Tech credit hour for this make-up session.

Google Drive Part II: Creating and Sharing Folders

All tutorials and resources can also be found on the Menu by clicking on GAFE.

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